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Company: Sydney Ports Corporation
Services: Marine services, logistics and trade, projects and planning, sustainability, community projects
Address: PO Box 25,
Millers Point NSW 2000
Contact Details:
T: 02 9296 4593
Peter Reed
Member Since: 2013

Sydney Ports Corporation

Sydney Ports Corporation aims to add value to all aspects of Sydney's port operations. We work with stakeholders to achieve outcomes that benefit all parties.

The main functions of the Sydney Ports Corporation are to:

  • Manage and develop port facilities and services to cater for existing and future trade needs
  • Facilitate trade by providing a competitive advantage to importers, exporters and the port related supply chain
  • Manage the navigational, security and operational safety needs of commercial shipping
  • Protect the environment and have regard to the interests of the community
  • Deliver profitable business growth

The Corporation plays a significant role in managing two of NSW's most valuable resources Sydney Harbour and Port Botany Bay. We protect these assets diligently and are committed to minimising impacts on the environment and on local communities in everything we do.

Sydney Ports Corporation is also fully committed to sustainable development. It does this through the implementation of measures to oversee improvements in the key areas influenced by port operations, such as environmental amenity, air quality, noise, water consumption, energy usage, materials selection and waste management.

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