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Company: Hyder Consulting
Services: In-house rope access, Diagnostic investigations, Remedial solutions, Ecologically sustainable design, New facade construction, Heritage conservation, Specifications, Contract documentation, Project management
Address: Level 5, 141 Walker Street,
North Sydney NSW 2065
Contact Details:
T: 02 8907 8270
F: 02 8907 9001
Peter Johnsson
Member Since: 2003

Hyder Consulting

Hyder's Building Diagnostics Group specialises in the diagnosis, repair and upgrading of buildings and structures, with particular emphasis on facades.

Our services include:

  • In-house rope access
  • Diagnostic investigations
  • Remedial solutions
  • Ecologically sustainable design
  • New facade construction
  • Heritage conservation
  • Specifications
  • Contract documentation
  • Project management

For details of other Hyder Consulting offices nationally go to this web address.

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