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Company: Water Infrastructure Group - New Zealand
Services: Design: Investigation of potential recycled water demands, Development of recycled water markets, Hydraulic assessment, pipeline and asset management, Development of integrated water management opportunities, Stakeholder engagement, Customer management, Recycled water and environmental management.
Build: Construction resources include an in-house workshop facility that specialises in treatment systems, custom tank manufacture, stainless steel pipe assemblies, high pressure pump skids, as well as walkways and working platforms.
Operate: Specialised services for operations include; Virtual control room and process automation, Treatment plant operations, Accredited systems for Class A water, recycling plants, Pipeline system operations, Performance optimisation, Technical skills, Geographical information systems, Metering and billing systems.
Maintain: Asset management, preventative maintenance and emergency repairs for pipeline systems, including; Cement, mortar, epoxy or hybrid coatings/linings, Slipline pipeline installation, hydraulic pipebursting, Coatings and linings for pipes and structures, Pressure water and vacuum pipe cleaning, CCTV, laser and sonar pipeline inspections, Long distance CCTV surveys, Access chamber installations and maintenance, Ventshaft maintenance.
Address: PO Box 12169
Penrose, Auckland
New Zealand
Contact Details:
T: +64 9 921 7228
F: +64 9 921 7201
Aynsley Griffith (NZ Manager)
Member Since: 2013

Water Infrastructure Group

Water Infrastructure Group provides a unique combination of design, build, operate and maintenance services. We offer sole-source accountability for delivery of sustainable water infrastructure that meets community and business needs.

Formed in 2008, they have over 200 people and combine the complementary skills of the former Tyco Earth Tech water projects group, Water Technology Australia and Water Services businesses.

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