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The building defects crisis – The Fault in Our Buildings

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Structural defects, cracked concrete and water damage

Wed 29 July 2020
5pm – 7:30 pm

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2 formal CPD points for architects, builders, engineers & surveyors

There is growing realisation that the quality of construction in Australia is not up to scratch. This is evident from the increasing insurance liability claims, by owners and occupiers, for defective cladding, water penetration, poor workmanship and fire risk.

As a result, the Government has stepped in with reforms around Building Codes and stricter penalties for non compliance. At the same time, these issues have also resulted in a burgeoning “remedial” industry, which has been increasing since the 1990’s.

Remedial work is expensive and differs from new construction, due, in part, because buildings are (often) occupied during the repair process. This is particularly true with medium and high rise buildings.

Common difficulties involved in remedial work include limited internal access, use of lifts with load restrictions requiring access by owners, external access requiring scaffolding & internal hoists and matching new surfaces and finishes with existing. Add in relocation of residents while repair work is undertaken, along with compliance issues, and it’s not hard to appreciate how costs for this type of work can spiral out of control.

This webinar brings together these issues, with a focus on what goes wrong during construction and how architects, builders, trades and suppliers can work together to minimise defects. It considers the early design issues and decisions that lead to building faults, including outdated building solutions, codes applied as the minimum standard, inappropriate material selection and, of course, the overriding problem – price before quality

Our expert presenters will provide insight into key steps to take to make sure the next remedial project achieves the intended result, with a focus on preparation and detailing, as well as design and compliance.

The webinar will consider some of the following:

Concrete Repair

  • How does the complex building environment influence early design decisions that lead to typical Defects?
  • How can we change developer mindset from price driven goals to quality outcomes?
  • What are the most common concrete defects and when are they apparent (case studies to be examined)?
  • What are the fundamentals of concrete repair and what are the remedial options?
  • Clean, Compact, Cover and Cure… why are these the most important words in the remedial concrete world?


  • How do we design to eliminate waterproofing defects out of modern construction?
  • Why in 2020 is waterproofing still one of the most prevalent causes of HBCF claims?
  • Does the current standard for external waterproofing give reasonable guidance to achieve a deemed to satisfy solution, as required by the NCC/BCA?
  • What are the key “must dos” in terms of on site preparation for waterproofing systems –  what is the role of the project manager in this?
  • How do we best train builders in the on site processes and material selection to ensure quality outcomes over cost and speed?

If you are an architect, builder, engineer, or construction professional you will derive key learnings by attending this webinar including:

  • An understanding of the causes of concrete deterioration and suitable remedies.
  • An understanding of the design decisions that lead to defects and how they can be overcome
  • Current NCC codes and regulations that need to be met for minimum waterproofing requirements in commercial construction
  • Challenges and costs associated with remedial construction work and key differences with new construction

Cost of this event is $99 per person plus GST. Save 20% when you book for a group of 4 or more. Purchase includes a recording of the webinar.

Expert Presenters are:

Grahame Vile – Director of BAAM Consulting, a business that he helped establish in the early 2000’s

Grahame is a remedial consultant with expertise in concrete durability and condition assessment of structures and has been providing advice since 1996 to residential strata buildings: diagnostic and condition assessment, dilapidation reports, technical due diligence reports, specifications, tender and contract administration. He also acts as an expert witness in Construction Defects, Durability and Home Building Act warranty claims. Grahame served on the NSW Branch of ACA for more than 10yrs and is currently President of ACRA.

Bill Straw – Bill has over 50 years experience in the building and waterproofing industry.

For the past 36 years he has been involved in the investigation and rectification of many major waterproofing failures. Bill is an accredited presenter of Waterproofing Training Packages for the MBA and private RTO’s and has been a member of the MBA Waterproofing Technical Committee since 2004. Bill is co-author of three of the 4 MBA Waterproofing Guides and delivers training in waterproofing for builders, architects, engineers, builders, and certifiers

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