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Company: Bluey Technologies
Services: Supplier of high performance prepackaged cement products, waterproofing products and ground improvement solutions
Address: Suite 6.09, 55 Miller Street, Pyrmont NSW 2009
Contact Details: 02 9807 2207
Member Since: 2019

The Bluey business brings together a great mix of experience, resources, systems and knowledge to create value for your project.

Bluey's solutions result in the efficient onsite installation of our products. Bluey staff are able to work through issues in the early design phase of a project to provide practical cost-saving results. Their Engineers have worked together with specification developers in tunnel projects, airport upgrades, water and wastewater projects amongst others to make a significant contribution towards the improvements of application methods.

Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Auckland, Singapore. 

1300 0 BLUEY


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