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Company: Everest Contracting Pty Ltd
Services: Heritage Restoration, Concrete Repairs, Structural Repairs, Facade upgrades and restorations, Waterproofing, and Protective Coatings
Address: Niche Business Park
213 / 354 Eastern Valley Way
Chatswood NSW 2067
PO Box 4211
Castlecrag NSW 2068
Contact Details:
T : 02 6417 3711
Robin Shaw
Member Since: 2019

Everest Contracting are remedial building specialists and we also offer new construction services. Everest Contracting has been operating for 12 years and provides work to commercial and residential complexes across Sydney. We have the expertise to provide all kinds of remedial building and rectification works. We are widely employed by leading building consultants, engineers, strata managers, government agencies and individual clients, who recognise our ability to deliver timely projects with an emphasis on quality results.

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