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Company: Integrated Building & Engineering Consultancy
Services: Building maintenance, refurbishment, identifying cause and remedial works, budgets, levies and forecast planning, fire audits, OH&S planning, home owners warranty insurance claims
Address: Unit 33/10 Gladstone Rd,
Castle Hill, NSW 2154
Contact Details:
T: 02 8814 5999
F: 02 8814 5899
Chris Moane
Member Since: 2010

Integrated Building & Engineering Consultancy is Australian owned and operated and the market leader in providing diversified solutions to the Strata and building industry. Employing respected experts in their fields, the Integrated team offer a truly incorporated and best practice solution model for almost every conceivable Strata and building need, from Strata support services, building consultancy to fire consultancy, envirosciences,forensic services, right through to litigation support and contracts administration. Examples of our expertise are:

  • Building maintenance, repainting,spalling concrete repairs
  • Refurbishment (renovation) of buildings due to climate damage and age.
  • Mould and dampness of buildings, identifying cause and remedial works
  • Sinking funds – budgets, levies and forecast planning
  • Fire audits, dealing with council orders and fire building upgrades
  • OH&S planning to maintain a safe building for all workers and visitors 
  • Home Owners Warranty insurance claims

Integrated add value via the level of serviceability dedicated to each process, strong work ethics and transparency. As experienced consultants, Integrated utilise their own dedicated laboratory for sample testing, forensic equipment such as infrared thermography cameras, cavity and scanning cameras to determine the cause of problems, moisture tests and more.

Integrated are reputable and knowledgeable experts in the Strata and building industry. With the focus being on delivering core measurables that make our customers’ issues (strata managers, owners corporations and lot owners) simpler and easier to manage.

Integrated Building & Engineering Consultancy offers consultancy service and advice via determinations made at point of inspection, utilising a range of in-house forensic equipment for cost effective and non intrusive inspection, remedial reports and solutions for all matters dealing with the Strata and building industry. The process is managed by scoping works, calling for tenders, stringent tender analysis, project management and weekly inspections to ensure works are completed on time.

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