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Company: Marine & Civil Maintenance
Services: Concrete repair, Cathodic Protection, Pile Maintenance, Electrochemical Treatment, Pile Maintenance, Structural Strengthening, Protective Coatings, Bearings and Joints Replacement, Access Systems, Brick and Stone Work
Address: PO Box 2096
Boronia Park NSW 2111
Contact Details:
T: 02 9816 2452 NSW & ACT
T: 03 9417 6161 VIC
F: 02 9816 2418
Alan Bird
Member Since: 2010

MARINE & CIVIL MAINTENANCE is a remedial contracting company that specialises in the repair and protection of major concrete infrastructures such as bridges, wharves, jetties, buildings and industrial plant. 

Their primary goal is to add value to our contracting services with experienced project management and properly targeted technology. They are focused on providing cost-effective, high-quality solutions through the use of appropriate methods and products. 

They have an in-house engineering staff with large-contract experience as well as technical design expertise. MCM offers a complete package for any project, whatever the size or complexity. 

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