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Company: Remedial Technology Pty Ltd
Services: condition assessment, development of corrosion prevention and protection solutions, repair and corrosion protection specifications, strategic durability planning and strata & remedial services.
Address: 15/35-39 Higginbotham Rd, Gladesville NSW 2111
Contact Details:
T: 02 8097 7004
M: 0412 477 773
Atef Cheaitani
Member Since: 2017

Remedial Technology is a specialist provider of professional remediation and corrosion control consultancy services for reinforced concrete structures including buildings, marine, civil and industrial assets.

Our extensive experience in concrete repair and corrosion protection systems in Australia and globally, combined with our ongoing research with universities to develop and verify advanced repair methodologies, allows us to provide innovative, practical, low maintenance and low-cost solutions for our client’s assets.

In addition to our consultancy services, Remedial Technology offers our customers the ultimate management tool for the monitoring and maintenance of cathodic protection systems.

Our web-based Cathodic Protection Management system (CPMS™)offers a simple, efficient and reliable platform for the maintenance and monitoring of multiple CP systems. The system offers a live monitoring portal which allows transmission of real time data from the cathodic protection systems to the user’s PC using M2M technology. In addition, CPMS™ allows permanent access to all historical performance data, construction drawings, operational manuals and maintenance records for the CP systems. 

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