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Company: ACOR Consultants Pty Ltd
Services: Engineers, Managers, Infrastructure Planners, Development Consultants
Address: Suite 2, Level 1
33 Herbert St
St Leonards NSW 2065
Contact Details:
T: 02 9438 5098
F: 02 9438 5398
Nick Kokolis-Director
Member Since: 2013

ACOR's Remedial Engineering & Building Diagnostics team has proven experience providing specialist consultancy services to clients in the commercial, residential, industrial and infrastructure sectors.

Our clients include facilities managers, strata managers, real estate investment trusts, developers, private owners, Owners Corporations, builders, architects, legal firms, government departments and the Defence forces.

We have extensive experience in all building matters including:

  *   Building condition assessments

  *   Façade inspections and cladding audits

  *   Concrete and masonry repairs

  *   Waterproofing

  *   Defect investigations and diagnostics

  *   Remedial specifications

  *   Project management and Superintendence

  *   Sinking fund and expert witness reports.

Our office locations are:



Gold Coast



Central Coast


Western Sydney


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