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Company: Infracorr Consulting Pty Ltd
Services: Corrosion, Durability and Repair
Address: 20 Business Park Drive
Notting Hill VIC 3168
Contact Details:
T: 1300 805 089
M: 0418 689 325
Brian Kaye, Technical Consultant
Member Since: 2013

Infracorr specialise in the investigation, condition assessment and repair specification of Deteriorating concrete, masonry and related structures. We provide specialist materials knowledge, detailed corrosion surveys and thorough investigations to determine the cause and extent of deterioration and provide appropriate repair and protection options for the long term.

Our team of engineers along with technical support staff have extensive skills and knowledge from backgrounds in both civil and materials engineering.

We pride ourselves on our extensive skill set, our ability to have open Consultations and give unbiased advice offering a range of solutions. We continually strive to be at the forefront of technological advances in the area of infrastructure repair and concrete corrosion deterioration problems, and are committed to excellence and elevating standards within the industry.

Infracorr is a leader in the fields of Cathodic Protection (CP) Hybrid CP systems as well as conventional repair options.

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