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Company: Concrte Protectoin & Repair Services
Services: Concrete Repair
Address: 24/94-102 Keys Rd, Cheltenham VIC 3192
Contact Details:
T: 1300 678 725
Jason Baker
Member Since: 2016

Concrete Protection & Repair Services Pty Ltd is the market leader in providing solutions to repair and revive all types of large concrete structures & assets. Our experience in all aspects of concrete repair & remediation has enabled us to develop our applications & fleet of equipment to specifically target the needs of asset managers & engineers.  These include but are not limited to increasing efficiency & productivity & reducing the time of our application/installation.  Our material knowledge & selection, along with our knowledge & expertise from Managing Director and companywide level through to technician on the ground, is unparalleled – making us the first choice in our industry & yours.


From leaking or structural crack repair from tunnels to dams our custom built machinery and expert team are your first point of call.  CPR services are the first choice for large gunite spraying as our systems are dust free, reduce wastage, increase efficiency & all quality control tests along with managing and maintaining the environmental and safety aspects of the surrounding area and all safety requirements of the work area.


CPR Services is your one stop solution expert for injection, concrete repair, carbon Fibre reinforcement, protective & chemical resistant coatings, sewer linings, soil stabilisation & slab jacking to large concrete assets.


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