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Company: Raw Worx Pty Ltd
Services: Concrete Cancer/Spalling Repair, Crack Repair and Pressure Injection for Structural Strengthening and Leak Repair, Void Injection and Grouting, Cementitous Grouting, Cathodic Protection, Carbon Fibre Strengthening, Protective Coatings, Heritage Building Repairs, and Much more…
Address: PO Box 683, Ashmore City QLD 4214
Contact Details: 1300 488 196
Website: http://www.rawworx.com.au
Member Since: 2018

Industry Leaders – Concrete Repair, Protection & Leak Repairs.

Raw Worx Pty Ltd was launched into the market in 2009 with a professional focus on providing the highest level of services and solutions to its clients. With strict skills and product training our services are at such a standard that our product suppliers and previous clients have no hesitation recommending Raw Worx to their clients.

At Raw Worx we are focused on continuing to deliver quality services and expert solutions to our valued clients throughout Australia.

With focus on a professional,  quality service, Raw Worx continues to be the chosen contractor to undertake challenging and specialised work.

Meeting stringent timelines, great communication, safe work systems and providing successful outcomes are all part of our day to day service.

Employing competent and trustworthy staff helps us to deliver the right solutions to the client each and every time. Ensuring we are always up to date with industry requirements, we focus highly on training and up skilling.

Through our continual completion of projects that are exceeding client expectations, Raw Worx has affirmed its position in the industry as being a leading contractor as we continue to grow and develop our capabilities.

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