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NSW - How to Get it Right the First Time...So You Dont Need Us - Sydney Build 2018 - Session 
Thursday, 15 March 2018  

Sydney Build 2018 - March 15-16

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ACRA will have a speaker attending at 11m on March 15.  Grahame Vile is the speaker. The topic is How To Get it Right the First Time....So You Don't Need Us. 

  • Concrete deterioration stages – from birth to death. This includes overview of issues in quality that are introduced during design, construction, operation and remediation of concrete assets.
  • Why take “an apple a day” approach when concrete lasts forever…? Discussing the relative value of early intervention – de Sitter’s Law of Fives
  • Exploiting concrete and taking care of it: Compaction, Cover and Curing (take the High C’s to quality).

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Location Royal Hall of Industries
Contact Sydney Build 2 8006 7557


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