The initiation and propagation of corrosion in concrete structures can be influenced by both internal and external factors. These sources of deterioration depend on concrete properties and exposure conditions and, to a large extent, govern structural performance and remediation practices.

Compilation of sources and causes of deterioration

Potential causes of deterioration
Constituent materials

Concrete properties
Construction defects

Natural & artificial agents

Cement quality, water and aggregate, mechanical strength of aggregate, aggregate reactivity
WC, strength, permeability, thermal properties
Inadequate curing, bleeding and segregation, honeycombing, poor construction joints, concrete cover to steel reinforcement
Environmental effects, weathering, bacterial growth, acid attack, freeze-thaw action, de-icing salts, underground water, acid attack, fire damage, etc.
Wind, seismic, fatigue, vibration, abrasion, erosion, poor design

Refer to Chapter 2 of the Guide to Concrete Repair and Protection, whose content comprises:

  1. Internal factor
       - Alkali-silica (alkali-aggregate) reaction
       - Other reactions
  2. External factors
  3. Steel reinforcement corrosion
  4. Summary
  5. Acknowledgements
  6. Further reading
       - Standards

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