Australia preparing to go back to work after Covid-19 restrictions are lifted.

Scott Morrison says it’s time to get Australians back to work after coronavirus shutdown but this won’t happen until it is safe to do so. 
As national cabinet prepares to relax restrictions the prime minister warns of an uptick in Covid-19 infections.
There are procedures to put in place to keep the risk of Covid-19 at a minimal is:
– Stop hotdesking
– Keep a logbook of everyone who comes and goes from your place of work and preferably electronically
– Staff should keep their own diary of where they have been and who they have come in contact with
– Keep 1.5 meters apart during meetings, conversations, and while seated working – use of handsanitiser
– Wipe down desks, keyboards, phones, door handles and handrails, all work surfaces, chairs daily etc
– Continue to wash hands often
– Stagger work start times
– Stagger break times
– If out on the job site, continue to keep up with the highest standards of PPE and hygiene and work wherever possible 1.5 meters apart.
– Try not to share tools but if you have to wipe handles down with antibacterial wipes or spray with Glen20 or antibacterial spray.
– If you feel unwell stay at home and get tested asap
– Report your symptoms to your manager and managers are to make sure they have all staff ICE (In Case of Emergency) details are up to date. Once you have received your testing results in its suggested to share this with your manager also. You’ll find management reporting procedures on the ACRA website click here.
– It’s suggested that staff download the Covid Safe app click here
Sharing of documents, procedures, guideline, and information
Our industry is very lucky to have many Government bodies who have come together as well as some peek construction industry bodies who have put in place and are sharing their management plans, posters, procedures, toolbox talks + more in regards to dealing with Covid-19 on the job site, within the office environment and if working from home.
The ones that would pertain to our industry have been placed for sharing on the ACRA website with special thanks to TfNSW who continue to update the list of documents and information that is being shared. If you have any documents you wish to share with your fellow ACRA members please let us know
List of documents can be viewed and download via we will continue to keep this at the top of the news list until we are free from Covid-19.

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