Construction Waterproofing Design and Survey

Developing training products in construction waterproofing design and survey to address a gap in skills and knowledge.

Waterproofing defects and associated water ingress and moisture are the most prevalent consequence and contributors to building defects across Australia.
On behalf of the Construction, Plumbing and Services Industry Reference Committee, a working group composed of industry experts has been established to advise on the development on six draft units of competency for their proposed inclusion in a new qualification and/or skill sets.
To access information about the project and to provide your feedback on the draft units of competency, use the buttons in this email or visit the Construction Waterproofing Design and Survey project page.
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Construction Waterproofing Design and Survey: Industry Validation (

Project: Construction Waterproofing Design and Survey – Artibus Innovation

Description of key date: 31 May 2022

Construction_Waterproofing_Design_and_Survey_Validation_Flyer (002).pdf


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