independent Construction Industry Rating Tool (iCIRT)-Update

A few months ago, ACRA ran a webinar on the ‘independent Construction Industry Rating Tool (iCIRT)’. Many in the industry have been working for almost a year on developing the independent Construction Industry Rating Tool as a way to gain more insight, trust, and transparency of the players in the building industry

iCIRT Build Star-rating | Equifax (

ACRA members have been part of this collaborative development, and the tool can be used to rate your own business (ie. single-party) and then be used to differentiate your business from others in the industry, or benchmark against the industry as a whole.

Building confidence in the construction industry

  • Improved trust and confidence in buildings and building professionals
  • Reduced value impairment for new builds
  • Reduced exposure to construction insolvencies
  • Fewer building defects in developed assets
  • Improved consumer and workplace safety
  • More sustainable outcomes

ACRA Members are welcome to contact Brad Walters directly if you have any questions about iCIRT.

Brad Walters, Head of Product and Rating Services | Commercial

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iCIRT Build Star-rating | Equifax (


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