NZ should start preparing your business for Alert Level 2

New Zealand are currently at Covid-19 Alert Level 3 and look to soon transform into Alert Level 2
1039 reported confirmed Covid-19 infection cases to date and currently, 1032 have recovered with 2 are still in hospital. Very encouraging numbers and numbers of continued testing is high as at 7 May 2020.
What will Alert Level 2 in New Zealand look like and how to prepare?
6 weeks in NZ has seen you be in full lockdown, then into Alert Level 3 which includes increased testing and review of working at Level 3 and this has been successful as reported by Prime Minister Jacinda Aldern.
This coming Monday 11 May 2020, the NZ cabinet will meet again to make sure that all procedures are in place for Alert Level 2 and Level 2 will only take place if the PM and NZ Health Leaders feel it is safe to do so.
Level 2 includes:
– continue to reduce close contact and stay 2 meters apart
– Public health measure will continue to stay in place
– if you are sick stay at home
– if you show ANY type of symptoms including those of cold or flu, get tested
– keep hygiene at the highest level like handwashing
– level 2 will have business reopening for staff and customers but your hygiene and workplace cleanliness practice must be at the highest level. All door handles, handrails, workspaces, keyboards, phones etc need to be wiped down with antibacterial wipes often.
– Stagger work starts time and breaks times to keep groups of people at a minimum and these people must remain 2 meters apart
– If we can continue to work from home then we should but each business should come up with their own procedures but “we all must play it safe”. “There is no reason to unlearn what we have learned” – NZ Prime Minister Jacinda Aldern
– No more than 100 people at indoor venues no matter the venue size and no standing room, all people must be seated. And social distance must remain in place so no placing of seats directly next to each other.
– Outdoor events are limited to 100 people and all public health guidelines are to be followed as well as social distance must remain in place but whenever possible it is suggested you avoid these large gatherings as Covid-19 thrives on the company of people.
– Keep a logbook of everyone who comes and goes from your place of work and this should be kept electronically which in NZ they have been doing even before Covid-19
– For those working outdoors like construction sites, you are urged to continue to use the highest level of PPE which includes masks on the job site and keeping 2 meters apart. – Within the workplace, no handshakes, hugs, etc keep physical greetings to a minimum perhaps an elbow bump.
The above details were taken directly from today’s media conference with the NZ PM and Director-General of Health, Dr Ashley Bloomfield.
If you wish to view this conference click here to watch. NZ will not go into Alert Level 2 unless it is safe to do so. But for now, the Building and Construction Industry in New Zealand remains on Alert Level 3 for full guidelines can be found at but NZ Prime Minister Jasinda Aldern has suggested businesses start planning now for Alert Level 2.

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