Postponement of ACRA events

To support against spreading COVID-19, upcoming ACRA Industry events have been postponed and we will continue to monitor the Department of Health recommendations on all non-essential gatherings. Unfortunately, this could extend over the next 6 months. ACRA will keep you posted.
The postponed events were originally slated for:
-NSW 22 April
-NSW 24-25 March (jointly with ACA, and you will need to contact ACA if you wish to make changes/cancellations on the 2-day course)
-QLD 30 March
-NSW & VIC 31 March
-QLD 1 June
These dates have ALL BEEN postponed. At this time we cannot realistically reschedule these events because the COVID-19 response continues to develop, and we don’t want to be in a situation where ACRA faces the decision to postpone again.
We have two options for those that have registered to attend the above events:
we can transfer your registration to the future event, and if you are unable to attend will refund registration;
we also offer a full refund now for anyone wishing this;
Please email the Secretariat when convenient to advise your preference. If we don’t hear from you, we will hold your details and renew contact when the event(s) you registered for is rescheduled.
We can clearly see by the number of people who had registered that our topics are important to you and we look forward to giving you happier news soon.

What can we do in the wider industry and community?
As the country takes its guidance from the PM, the World Health Organisation and the Australian Public Health Experts at the Department of Health as at the 18 March 2020, we do remind people to practice good hygiene, social distancing, minimise non-essential travel and avoid visiting the aged and immune-compromised to protect against infection and to prevent the virus spreading.

Protect yourself and others
Everyone must practice good hygiene to protect against infection and prevent the virus spreading.
Good hygiene includes:

  • covering your coughs and sneezes with your elbow or a tissue
  • disposing of tissues properly
  • washing your hands often with soap and water, including before and after eating and after going to the toilet
  • using alcohol-based hand sanitisers
  • cleaning and disinfecting surfaces regularly
  • if you are sick, avoiding contact with others and staying more than 1.5 metres away from people
  • cleaning and sanitising frequently used objects such as mobiles, keys and wallets

Read more about protective measures against coronavirus on the World Health Organization website.

If you have a confirmed case, you need to self-quarantine to prevent it spreading to other people.

Social distancing
One way to slow the spread of viruses is social distancing. For example:

  • staying at home when you are unwell
  • avoiding large public gatherings if they’re not essential
  • keeping a distance of 1.5 metres between you and other people whenever possible
  • minimising physical contact, especially with people at higher risk such as older people and people with existing health conditions

Find out more about social distancing and avoiding public gatherings and visits to vulnerable groups.

If you show any symptoms you should isolate yourself to prevent it spreading to other people. Symptoms include fever, coughing, sore throat, fatigue, and shortness of breath.

If you have serious symptoms such as difficulty breathing, call 000 for urgent medical help.
We hope everyone stays safe and healthy and we appreciate your ongoing support.

Grahame Vile
ACRA President 2019-2021
P: 02 9645 3692 (Tues-Fri)
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