Criteria For Acceptance

ACRA is committed to raising standards within the remedial industry.

To this end, members must have demonstrated a commitment to the industry, to equaling or exceeding industry best practice and to achieving the objectives of the Association.

On this basis, membership is open to all organisations that have established concrete repair and/or remedial waterproofing as a core activity, and are able to demonstrate their commitment to quality in all aspects of their repair or remedial work.

Any organisation that wishes to apply for membership of ACRA must submit information in support of their application. This submission will be reviewed by the ACRA Membership Review Committee, and once this review has been completed, a recommendation will be made to the Board of ACRA on the merits of the particular application.

The key areas that the review will focus on are set out below and a fillable form will be emailed to the applicant. The submissions will need to address all these areas for the application to be considered.

Education and Training

Given that there are many new developments in the area of concrete repair and remedial waterproofing, and that research is ongoing, it is essential that all ACRA members have a system in place that ensures their knowledge is up to date. Similarly, technicians need to be trained in the methods of application of the various technologies, from the rudimentary to the state-of the-art. Weighting: 25%


ACRA members must demonstrate a minimum level of experience in this highly specialised field. It is necessary for an applicant for membership to provide details of their track record in concrete repair and/or remedial waterproofing. Further it is necessary for applicants to demonstrate that the work carried out by them is of a suitable standard. Applicants are invited to submit details of referees that the Board could contact. The Board will also utilise its combined experience to make its own enquiries. Weighting: 40%

Quality Systems

Documented proof of a demonstrated commitment to a quality system would be required. This would need to include information on specific methods for investigation, manufacture and rectification. Weighting: 15%.


In recognition that ACRA Membership indicates a commitment to quality, members should, where appropriate, utilise the services of other ACRA members in carrying out remedial work. Support of the organisation by all members (eg by attendance at function, and providing technical and other support) is also important in achieving the aims of the Association. Applicants are therefore required to make a commitment to the future of the organisation and its goals along these lines. Weighting: 10%

Member Review

ACRA members must willingly participate in regular audits of their operations, to ensure that the goals of ACRA continue to be met in the long term. The Association has established a Membership Review Committee comprising the President and three other Board members (one consultant, one supplier and one contractor). This committee will undertake the initial review of membership applications, as well as the periodic auditing of existing members. The committee will also deal with any complaints that are received from customers of ACRA members.Weighting: 10%

The significance of each of these aspects, for review purposes, is indicated by the weightings shown above. At the conclusion of the review process, the submission will be given a ranking, and the recommendation to the Board on the particular application will be based on this ranking.

The Board of ACRA will then advise the applicant on the outcome of this review. This will include the information on which the final decision on membership was made in broad terms, however with respect to information provided by referees this will be kept confidential.

From the above, it should be clear that, although applications are welcome, applicants must not expect to be accepted as members until they can provide evidence that they meet the criteria laid down by ACRA’s Membership Review Committee.

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