8 July 2020 ACRA Panel Discussion – you’re invited to take part

8 July 2020 ACRA Panel Discussion – you’re invited to take part
Post COVID-19 on the Remedial Industry, lessons learned for Australia and NZ- survey results and panel discussion.

Recently ACRA sent out a survey wanting to see if or how COVID-19 had effected you. We were ASTOUNDED at the amount who responded and appreciative of the detailed answers.
As we see Victoria going through restrictions again, we are all well aware that we haven’t seen the last of this pandemic. What changes have been made to the way we work? Will we continue to see some changes implemented into our day to day work life?
We have panelists from all sectors being consultants, contractors, and suppliers from around Australia and NZ.
This will also provide a platform for you to share your experiences with everyone.

Your moderator for this Panel Discussion is Caroline McConnachi from Max Build/ACRA Board Member.

If anyone has any questions they wish to submit before the discussion on 8 July 2020, please email your questions to and let us know if you wish to be anonymous or happy to have your name and company announced.

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