ACRA Corporate Member Company Logos Updated

Attention ACRA Corporate Members.

Has your company logo been updated in the last 12 months?
If you are a corporate member of ACRA be sure to send us your new/updated logo for inclusion in our Remedial Connections emag and our National Banners which we will have printed shortly.

We also remind our Corporate Members to check the listing we have for them on the ACRA website

In February and March we had contacted all Corporate Members as to the contacts we have for their company as well as staff we have listed. Since Covid-19 has turned us all upside down, we know that some companies have made staff changes. If you have new staff or need to update our database please let us know, you can contact us +61 2 9645 3692 or we can send you a list of staff we have on the ACRA database.

Send your new logo and/or updated information to
Photo is the 2019-2020 corporate member logos

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