Welcome to ACRA’s New Website

I am pleased to announce two recent changes within the Association… New Name and New Website

Welcome to ACRA’s new website

I am pleased to announce two recent changes within the Association.

ACRA has a new website

I would like to welcome you all to our brand new website of the Association. The website provides a more professional and modern feel as well as being easier to navigate around the website to look for information.

New Name for ACRA

The Australian Concrete Repair Association has formally now changed its name to the Australasian Concrete Repair Association. The main reason for this change is to encourage participation and involvement from organisations in New Zealand that are heavily involved in concrete repair work with the aim to support the repair industry and strive for excellence in concrete repair with our neighbours across the Tasman.

If any current members have offices in New Zealand or know of companies that would be interested in getting involved in attending training courses and seminars that are run by ACRA then we would be keen to hear from you so that we can make them aware of the services and support that ACRA can provide.

For members, only one minor change will be required which is to update your correspondence, database and payment systems with the new name as all other details including office contact, ABN and banking numbers remain the same.

– Andrew Dickinson, President

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