Safework NSW Safety Alert Regarding Waterproofers

Safework NSW has placed an Alert out to Waterproofers. You are urged to review your safety systems, after two separate incidents left three workers severely injured last week.

A 22-year-old licensed waterproofer and a 2nd year apprentice were rushed to hospital on Wednesday, 2 December after an explosion.

The workers were waterproofing in a home laundry with no mechanical ventilation in Seaforth when an unknown heat source ignited the fumes of chemicals they were using. This caused a fireball. The origin of the heat source is still being investigated.

One of the workers was placed in an induced coma in hospital and the other has undergone surgery.

SafeWork is reminding waterproofers to take extreme care when with Class 3 chemicals such as solvents and adhesives.

SafeWork is reminding waterproofers of the following guidance:

  • If you work with chemicals, ensure you follow manufacturers recommendations about mechanical ventilation, and obtain the current Safety Data sheets for each chemical.
  • Find out more about working with class 3 chemicals.
  • Under the Home Building Act and Regulations it is an offense for unlicensed trades people to work in specialist work without general supervision. Learn more about business and employer’s legal obligations to their workers.

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