Call to Corporate Members for Sponsoring the Waterproofing Course

Here is a great opportunity you won’t want to miss. You’ve been hearing the chatter of ACRA and their Waterproofing Course, we are happy to announce stage 1 is almost ready to go.

ACRA has a great sponsorship opportunity for our Corporate Members.

We are sure you are aware of the changes in the NSW Building environment over the last few years with the Office of the NSW Building Commissioner having been set up with the aim of : Leading once-in-a-generation reform, of the design and building industry.

ACRA supports this and has been called on to support one of the 6 Pillars (skills and capabilities).  We, therefore, formed a subcommittee to prepare a 2 hr course on the vital importance of waterproofing to a successful building.  This is a new and substantial commitment by ACRA in forwarding our objectives. This new online 2hr course will be made available through the TAFE learning portal.

Attached is the form and information regarding the x2 levels of sponsorship Gold and Silver. Gold is limited, if you are interested please phone Nicole 042 9890 761 to lock your place in with a follow-up email to

The information we require should be sent through no later than the closing date listed, there will not be any extra time given.

This is a “first in” sponsorship opportunity.

Click here for all the information.

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