Coping with stress during the Covid outbreak + support fact sheet

Since the announcement of the Construction Industry being shut down until the 30th of July due to the current Covid outbreak, ACRA has received many calls from its members looking for clarification on the rules and what they can do and not do, and how to get their hands on emergency government payments for small businesses and for those that were let go.

We found the trend in these calls yesterday and today was that most just wanted to talk things through or vent.

ACRA contacted MATES in Construction this morning to see what tools are available to help those feeling mental fatigue and below are two great guides being a Support Fact Sheet and other are tips to cope with stress during the Covid outbreak.

Please know that ACRA empathises with not only our members but all within the industry during this time. With every lockdown, we have all learned to manage and create ways to work and deal with our everyday lives, and we appreciate the membership who share their brilliant ideas which we will continue to share with your fellow members. if you have a new work model you wish to share, please email this to or give us a call on +61 2 9645 3692

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