Cracks in the Compact City: Tackling defects in multi-unit strata housing – Final Project Report

We were first introduced to City Futures Research Centre in mid-2009 who had been working with strata industry stakeholders – the people who manage, maintain, and ensure apartment buildings after they are built and sold, and represent the people who live in them – to develop and fulfill a comprehensive research agenda.

This group’s work included examining a range of issues in strata-titled housing, including resident demographics, governance and management, development, renewal, major repairs, and sustainable retrofits, and the experience of living in strata.

In 2016 ACRA members met Professor Bill Randolph who had updated ACRA as to where this study had taken him and his researchers and how building defects had been raised as an issue of serious concern for the group, and it was at this time this had emerged as the number one priority for the next stage of our research.

Between this time, we have been lucky to be kept up to date by Professor Bill Randolf and the team of updates they had acquired, and now we have the final project report. Cracks in the Compact City: Tackling defects in multi-unit strata housing.

Their research on building defects in strata-titled housing in Sydney is now available for you to read and can download here:

You may also to be interested to read their summary of the key findings, published in the Conversation:

They hope you find the research interesting and useful, and they welcome any feedback you might have.

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