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Those of you involved in Class 2 building remediation are undoubtedly aware of the changes that have come into play under the Design and Building Practitioners Act (DBP Act). ACRA has been actively working with the OBC to bring the remedial industry’s perspective into these important building reforms.

One element is the logging of project information relating to remedial works that are covered by the Act. The current configuration of the portal uploading process is geared toward new-build construction work (requiring identification of the developer, DA/CDC numbers and similar data), and does not recognise the process with a residential strata scheme that is having remedial works completed without a DA/CDC.

We have held meetings with the OBC’s design team to provide feedback on changes to reflect the typical remedial project’s needs, and these are being considered.

We are continuing to work with the OBC on this and other aspects of the new legislation and its regulation. If you have feedback or concerns, please forward to ACRA and we will consolidate and pass on to the Board members involved (Peter Johnsson, Caroline McConnachie, Grahame Vile).

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