Work in the remedial industry? Do you work on projects where DAs are required? This dedicated portal training is for you.

Recently Deb Lockart from RHM Consultants and Vice President of ACRA NSW Sub Branch, joined the Government team in co-presenting a dedicated training session for practitioners working on remedial building projects that cannot be carried out as exempt development.

The aim in providing this targeted training, in consultation with the government team is to:
i. Raise awareness for the remedial industry;
ii. Equip building and design practitioners with a broad understanding of the ‘Developer’ profile and the DA process, so that you can manage your business conversations with Owners Corporations upfront before you commit to a DA related project;
iii. Support the smooth delivery of a project requiring an approvals pathway;
iv. Assist your decision making and risk profiling for your company.

Having early conversations with owners corporations about this process, should you become aware that a remedial project requires a DA is important for your project management and mitigating risk to your companies.

Deb Lockart, Metin Izci, and Meghann Siborski look forward to our next remedial webinar, as we share our collective knowledge.

– Wednesday 30 August 2023 (2-4pm)
– Wednesday 13 September 2023 (10am-noon)

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Thank you to the Government team(s) for your commitment to the strata-remedial industry.

Matt Press;Metin Izci;Meghann Sikorski;Jonathan Lynch;Angus Abadee;Yin-Ling Man;RHM Consultants;Grahame Vile;Peter Johnsson;Tom Mackay;Helen Kowal;SWAAB;ACRA -Remedial Industry Association;Strata Community Association (NSW)

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