Construction professionals to develop new skills from the comfort of their homes

With tools temporarily down, now is a great time for #construction professionals to develop new skills from the comfort of their homes.

NSW Department of Customer Service, together with their partners at TAFE, they have developed a range of educational courses designed to broaden industry knowledge and provide valuable lessons that can be implemented on-site and in the workplace.

Two of these courses are now available for free, and they will remain so for the duration of the industry pause:

– Ethics in Construction – how making ethical decisions can help produce trustworthy buildings.
– Communicating to Build Stronger Foundations – how to be an effective communicator and how this helps create trustworthy building projects.

These are in addition to their other free courses on:
– The NSW Planning Portal
– Project Remediate

For more information or to enrol, please click on this link:

Please feel free to share this with any friends and colleagues who may also be interested.

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