Get on board with Standards Australia’s NEXTgen program- Deadline is 16 July 2021

With an ambition to foster the next generation of technical experts and industry representatives, Standards Australia’s NEXTgen program is designed with the future in mind.

NEXTgen is a professional development program for individuals excited about the industry they work in, whether they have worked with standards before, or are interested in learning about standards and their benefits.

Over 10 months, participants will:

  • Gain an in-depth understanding of how a standard is created,
  • Develop the key skills to become an effective committee member,
  • Work and learn from some of the best in the business, including current committee chairs, leaders in their industry field and past NEXTgen participants,
  • Hear from nominating organisations and establishing networks,
  • Boost their professional profile,
  • Develop communication, relationship building, effective negotiation and build a personal brand, and
  • Gain knowledge that can value-add for their employer and/or clients.

With the aim of future-proofing standards development to reflect the people and communities that use them, NEXTgen recognises and engages diversity, values, and utilises each individual’s varied professional backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives to nurture and generate new ideas.


Know an ACRA Member who should be involved? Whether it be an employee of your company, a team member, an industry contact, or part of your professional network, encourage them to apply by simply forwarding them this email. Applications have been extended until Friday, 16 July, with application criteria and the 2021-22 program schedule, available on our website.

By developing the NEXTgen now, we are investing in standards for the future.

Please email the NEXTgen group directly on

ACRA would love to know which members have taken up this opportunity with the NEXTgen program 


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