Major Announcement: ACRA Board member is awarded the Order of Australia

Major Announcement: Our Board Member and Past President of ACRAHenk van den Heuvel has been bestowed with one of the highest honours by the Governor-General, this Australia Day, 26 January 2022. Henk has been awarded membership to the Order of Australia for significant service to the building industry. Henk is an outstanding leader, visionary, and innovator influencing many areas within the construction and remedial industry. He has held a plethora of esteemed positions with various Associations and, industry achievements, and awards such as:

Industry Achievements:

-Education & promotion of the Concrete Repair & Remedial Industry in Australia through the Australasian Concrete Repair and Remedial Building Association (ACRA) Volunteer and Elected, unpaid position on the Board of ACRA

-Elected to the unpaid board position since September 2001 (21 years) including twice President for 2 x 2-year terms.

-Past Treasurer ACRA for 5 years

-Developing and implementing the Ethics Charter and program for ACRA including the complaints procedures

-Updating and revising the ACRA Articles of Association to represent changes in the industry and the corporation structure and communications reporting, including having the changes pass through the 2014 AGM

-Developing and expanding the area of influence to New Zealand with the introduction of the expanded “Australasian Concrete Repair Association.”

-Technical guidance for the technical committee in 1995 for the ACRA’s Industry Guidelines to the “Standard Method of Measurement for Concrete Repairs”

-Chairing the ‘Standards Australia’ committee (in partnership with CSIRO) for the revision & republishing of “HB84 Guide to Concrete Repairs 2006” from 2005 – 2006.

-Technical Committee member for ‘Standards Australia’ for the revision of “HB84 Guide to Concrete Repair 2018” 2016-2017

-ACRA Biennial Awards Committee member for 2010 – 2019

-Seminar & Technical sub-committees developing seminars and technical talks for the industry since 2003

-Liaison & communication with other industries aligned with ACRA including ACA, SCA (NSW), MBA(NSW), CIA

-Guest speaker for ACA at the annual conference, NSW SCA events, CIA events, and ACRA for 15 years

-NSW SCA Services Chapter committee reporting to the SCA Board since 2014

-Codifying membership application processes for ACRA

-Committee member to revise the Standard Method of Measurement for Concrete Repairs 2020

-Standards Australia BD038 committee from 2019-2021 for the revised edition of AS3740-2022 Waterproofing of domestic wet areas, representing ACRA.

Other Associations:

-Member of the Institute of Engineers Australia since 1991

-2013 – 2018 panelist at Institute of Engineers Australia (IEA) for applicants wishing to apply for Chartered Status & CPEng accreditation with IEA, which was undertaken on a volunteer basis.

-Expert and panelist on the NSW Master Builders Association Waterproofing Technical Committee since 2008, which has published 4 books on waterproofing for the building industry and the basis of MBA training programs in NSW, chaired by Paul Ratcliff

Other Awards:

-Macquarie University Department of Business Law Prize for Business Litigation and Disputes 2010

-Fellow of the Institute of Engineer Australia Membership No 917230 for 29 years

-APEC Engineer in the areas of from IEA in the areas of Civil Engineering, Leadership and Management, Structural Engineering 2018

Through sheer dedication, brilliance, and dedication to the industry, Henk has positively influenced many within the construction industry.

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