Managing psychosocial hazards at work

Week 2 of this month focuses on mental health. Our people are our greatest assets and they are highly valued. Business owners, I encourage you to consider registering for this essential support to your staff. Click here to read more about Foremind.

Foremind is an Employee Assistance Program (EAP). The Foremind platform is a place to find information about mental health and wellbeing, as well as the ability to book a session with a counsellor. The Foremind partnership provides invaluable support to the remedial workplace in supporting the well being and mental health of our staff.

I am proud to say that the organisation where I work RHM Consultants has partnered with Foremind. I am extremely proud to share that CJ Duncan and Dan Rae Group have also partnered with Foremind in providing their staff with essential mental health and well being resources.

As a part of Safe Work Month, Foremind will be running a Free SafeTalk training session in collaboration with Livingworks and the NSW Government at 1pm on the 18th of October in Surry Hills at the NSW teachers federation conference centre.

SafeTALK is an in-person 3.5 hour workshop in Suicide Alertness, where attendees learn how to identify a person who may be thinking of suicide, ask the question directly and safely about suicide, and then refer individuals on to further support and crisis services within our community.

This workshop is a great opportunity to upskill your team in proactive mental health support as well as increasing awareness to create a psychosocial safe workplace. To register for the free session simply click here:

I encourage you also to read: Code of Practice: Managing psychosocial hazards at work

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