Project Remediate update 16 Sept 2021

Owners corporations can now register their interest in a program to remove high-risk combustible cladding on Class 2 residential apartment buildings in NSW.

About Project Remediate

Project Remediate is a three-year program to help remove combustible cladding on an estimated 225 buildings known to the Cladding Taskforce.

Eligible building owners will be helped through:

  • interest-free loans over a 10-year period with repayments to commence upon completion of the work
  • assurance and program management services to provide technical and practical support to owners corporations and strata managing agents

Project Remediate is a voluntary program.

Why join?

Joining Project Remediate is a unique opportunity to work with industry experts in remediation solutions who will support owners and residents throughout the process.

It will lead to a:

  • remediation solution that is done to your requirements at a high standard and a fair price
  • building that can be fairly insured without cladding-related exclusions or premium increases.

Register your interest

Register your interest for Project Remediate by 30 September.

Building investigators or design teams can register their interest now.

Project Remediate | NSW Government

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