**REGISTER NOW** PORTAL TRAINING – Remedial work requiring a DA or CDC

PORTAL TRAINING – Remedial work requiring a DA or CDC
The great news is that based on our consultation process not as much of our remedial building work will fall into an approvals pathway. Regardless of this I have been working with Fair Trading to develop a tailored portal training webinar for remedial practitioners.
I encourage remedial practitioners to register to attend the webinar, even if your work is ‘generally’ exempt development. I think it important for you to understand what is required when/should your work be deemed as not exempt development. Having a general awareness of this process will assist you in your daily conversations with owners corporations and other practitioners.
At present, we have set two training dates. I look forward to seeing you online.
REGISTER for NSW Planning Portal training
Are you working on a remedial building project that requires a DA or CDC? Do you want more guidance and information on how these remedial building projects are managed in the NSW Planning Portal?
The Department of Planning and Environment, along with the Office of the Building Commissioner, will be hosting dedicated training sessions for practitioners working on remedial building projects that cannot be carried out as exempt development.

Session overview
The session will cover:
-the remedial building context
-an overview of the Development Approval and Complying Development Certificate process
-roles and responsibilities under the Residential Apartment Buildings (Compliance and Enforcement Powers) Act 2020, including the role of the developer under the Act
-how to create and progress a remedial building project that requires a DA or CDC on the NSW Planning Portal.
Session dates
There will be two sessions available to register to attend:

Wednesday 2 August 2023, 2pm – 4pm
Wednesday 16 August 2023, 10am – 12pm

Training sessions will be held online, and you can register through Eventbrite click here

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