These reforms are absolutely needed and long overdue.

These reforms are absolutely needed and long overdue.
Yes, there will be tears before bedtime (ie documentation, library, compliance costs and their “high” impact on the built cost of the asset, etc), but this ignores the need to get buildings built better, so they last longer… not just to achieve a 6, 7 or 10year legal obligation.
We’ve seen time and again that the cost of “getting it right” upfront is many times lower than litigation and fixing the defect, even construction and simple (?) detailing of cracked slabs, stressed or otherwise.
The objective of improving quality in the high-density residential space (BCA Class 2) is vital to our long-term economy because it will avoid the unnecessary and expensive remediation of new structures long before they are due.
Yours faithfully
Grahame Vile
ACRA President 2019-2021
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