This month is National Safe Work Month.

Week 1 (1-8 October)– Working together to manage risks at work
Week 2 (9-15 October)– Working together to protect workers’ mental health
Week 3 (16-22 October) – Working together to support all workers
Week 4 (23-31 October) – Working together to ensure a safe and healthy workplace

WHS Management Systems

I recently met with the CEO of BuildPass. Every building practitioner must have a WHS management system in place as per the WHS Act (2011) and Regulation (2017).

BuildPass provides a WHS platform for the construction industry. The simple platform helps manage compliance on-site, such as: management of white cards and high risk licences, company policies, SDS, risk assessments, scaffold inspections, toolbox talks, digital SWMS and much more.

Here is some information.

Of course, there are other WHS management systems available to you for you to explore. I merely came across this WHS [platform on LinkedIn and decided to share this resource, having sat through a demo.

It is important that you choose a WHS tool that suits your business needs and most importantly meets legislative requirements.

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