Working at heights: New industrial rope access systems guide

Safe Work Australia has published guidance to assist persons conducting a business or undertaking (PCBUs) to manage the health and safety risks of industrial rope access systems.

An industrial rope access system is a work positioning system used for gaining access to, and working at, a workface, usually through vertically suspended ropes.

The use of these systems can pose work health and safety risks that must be identified and managed by PCBUs.

The guide provides information about duties under the model Work Health and Safety laws and practical guidance on:

  • selection and installation of anchors
    • anchor access and layout
    • anchor inspection and testing
    • rigging techniques
    • rope protection, and
    • exclusion zones.

This guide is for industrial rope access service providers, building managers, owners, and body corporates, principal contractors, and other PCBUs at a workplace where an industrial rope access system is used.

Whether you are a PCBU or a worker, download the guide to ensure you know your duties and how to manage the health and safety risks associated with using industrial rope access systems at work

-Safe work Australia

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