Waterproofing Remediation-How to ensure a successful project

Waterproofing remediation: How to ensure a successful project – store.training.tafensw.edu.au

Decision-making about waterproofing in our homes requires a fundamental understanding and knowledge of a broad range of issues. The impact of water ingress due to waterproofing failures or deterioration can be profound.

ACRA’s Remedial Waterproofing short course is an essential guide for strata managers, building managers, strata committees, and owners of apartments throughout Australia and New Zealand. It will provide you with important information on how remedial waterproofing projects can be managed more efficiently and effectively and clarifies the main issues to understand and get right.

Created by the Australasian Concrete Repair & Remedial Building Association (ACRA) in collaboration with the Office of the Building Commissioner (OBC), TAFE NSW, and Strata Community Association (SCA), the course includes:
• Understanding the roles of strata managers, committees, owners, remedial professionals, and lawyers
• What is good waterproofing?
• When is remedial waterproofing needed?
• What does a good remediation process look like?
• Engaging remedial specialists
• Membrane types and selection
• Application of the Design and Building Practitioners Act (for NSW projects)

The repair of waterproofing surfaces can be costly, and it is critical that informed decisions are made to avoid costly mistakes. Understanding the basics of waterproofing issues, and regulatory requirements, and defining clear roles in a remedial waterproofing project will help owners’ corporations navigate to more successful outcomes.

ACRA’s course empowers decision-makers– for “new” buildings where there are construction defects and also for older buildings where remediation is required due to age or renovation.

The growing trend for apartment living nationally, reiterates the necessity for strata managers, building managers, strata committee members, and the broader strata community to complete this course.

Let ACRA help you better understand your property and its waterproofing issues.
We will support you in making smarter decisions, be cost-effective, and future-proof your building.

Course link: Waterproofing remediation: How to ensure a successful project – store.training.tafensw.edu.au

Proudly developed by the Office of NSW Building Commissioner and the Australian Concrete Repair and Remedial Building Association (ACRA) in partnership with the Strata Community Association (SCA)


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