NEW Research Released: Investigating Building Products Selection and Information Transparency

Dr Nicole Johnston’s new research project ‘Investigating Building Product Selection and Information Transparency’ has been successfully completed and the research report published.  She thanks her funding partner Alspec for their support, she’s been able to investigate the processes undertaken by relevant building professionals when selecting building products and the extent to which product information is available to ensure compliance and conformance. The research has uncovered some fascinating insights.

Nicole and her team have discovered some important new information that they believe will be of great value to the building industry (including manufacturers and suppliers), policymakers and other researchers working in this area.

Without research funding from Alspec, they wouldn’t be unable to provide the evidence required to showcase the problems associated with building defects and building quality. She hopes that their work will help to advance our collective understanding of building product selection and encourage further discussion around the points raised in the research.

Stay tuned for more updates and insights as she continues to build on this important work.

Click here to read the report

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