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new Building Policy Framework (PDF, 981KB) providing overarching guidance for the strategic and operational management of the Queensland Government’s building construction and maintenance projects has been developed by the Queensland Government.

The framework consolidates and rationalises the four existing frameworks which govern how agencies plan, deliver and maintain government building projects including the:

It also incorporates Best Practice Principles (BPP) for major building construction projects including workplace health and safety systems and standards, commitment to apprentices and trainees, and best practice industrial relations.

The framework will be implemented by a staged process and prospectively. Find out more about the implementation timeframes and requirements.

A supporting Building Policy Guideline is being developed to assist with the implementation of the framework.

New Building Policy Framework | For government | Queensland Government

Staged implementation

The framework will be implemented by a staged process and prospectively. The first stage has
commenced and applies the framework to BPP government building projects. This includes major
projects of $100 million or more, or projects declared by a Minister if a lesser value.

From 1 July 2023, the remaining non-BPP requirements of the framework such as planning and
maintenance requirements will commence. Until that date, existing government policies will continue
to apply to non-BPP projects and programs.

The implementation of the new framework includes a requirement to utilise the two stage managing
contractor procurement methodology (or two stage variant) and a requirement to prequalify head
contractors (including managing contractors) and subcontractors for BPP projects.

To work on a BPP project, all prequalified contractors will be required to confirm their understanding
of BPP, including the Queensland Government’s key terms and conditions that reflect best practice
for major projects.

Application forms are available for head contractors (including managing contractors) and
subcontractors wanting to work on BPP projects.

You only need to complete the application form if you want to work on a BPP project.

For more information about the new framework, please visit the Department of Energy and Public Works website.
For more building industry information please visit the Business Queensland website.
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