Have you heard about the essential Remedial Waterproofing Course that is due to be released in March 2022.

You may have heard ACRA Board Member Caroline McConnachie talking with Amanda Farmer on her recent podcast number 298.  Caroline talked about the importance to getting the job done right the first time because when shortcuts are taken it becomes more expensive and invasive as it’s embedded in the structure when contractors are called in to fix defects, especially in strata buildings.

ACRA and Construct NSW partnered up to develop an interactive 2hr online course which is a “how-to course” on Remedial Waterproofing. This learning module is aimed at strata managers and owners, and anyone involved in remedial waterproofing ie Remedial Contractors, and Consultants should be picking up this course and having all staff do this course. Waterproofing in some way is included in all projects.

Keep your eyes open for our next announcement which will be the online link to the course.

  • “What is waterproofing”- the complexities of waterproofing and why you need professionals involved.
  • “What does good look like”
  • “Technical component of remedial waterproofing”
  • We have included a bunch of downloadable checklists and included a roadmap/guide to gain the best possible outcome.
  • Real-life case studies have been included that even owners can follow + more.

What ACRA and Construct NSW are aiming to do is see fewer defects, engage remedial engineers at the start of a project, fewer co

nflicts in buildings, fewer tenancy lease breaks in buildings due to defects, and raise the standards everywhere.

Caroline has done a wonderful job in packing in so much information in this 25-minute podcast.  Well worth listening to. Go to and click on episode 298. Another great episode is 191 that ACRA recommends you listen to.

298. The essential waterproofing course for owners, managers and contractors – Your Strata Property

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