VBA practitioner masterclass has record attendance

The Victorian Building Authority’s (VBA) practitioner masterclasses have reached a new record, with more than 1000 people attending the most recent webinar.

The Practitioner Education Series (PES) continues to be in high demand, with last week’s webinar on building permit basics attracting 1216 practitioners from across the state.

The VBA’s technical and regulation experts took attendees through the process of acquiring a building permit, from application through to finalisation.

The VBA’s State Building Surveyor Andrew Cialini said the high turnout showed there was a keen interest from practitioners to understand the proper processes.

“It’s so important that practitioners have a strong grasp of the basics. Practitioners are hungry for knowledge; such a strong turnout is testament to that.”

“We’re bringing people and thinking together, using the deep and diverse expertise at the VBA to engage with practitioners to strengthen Victoria’s building system,” Mr Cialini said.

“This series is helping support industry by providing practical insights, evidence-based strategies and useful resources. An important driver of the PES is creating an improved and more consistent understanding of regulatory requirements across all practitioners”

Practitioners seeking further information can access the VBA’s Building Practitioner Resource Hub.

“The VBA engages, educates and regulates the building industry to deliver positive social and economic outcomes for Victorians, and the PES is a key part of this.”

To register for a virtual masterclass, visit the VBA website.

Previous Practitioner Education Series masterclasses can be viewed online.

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