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Dear ACRA Members

It’s a volatile time to be working in remedial.

ACRA NSW Advocacy committee has been meeting on a weekly, sometimes daily basis, to help resolve the fundamental and operational challenges of complying with the DBP Act. Our work has since expanded to incorporate the new levels of governance surrounding the EPA Act.

I acknowledge the NSW Advocacy Committee and their tireless commitment; Grahame Vile, Peter Johnsson, Helen Kowal, and Deborah Lockart.

While many of us are operating with great uncertainty, ACRA NSW Advocacy Committee is making significant inroads with State Government. There remains a lot of work to do.

Below are the items we are working on together:

DBP Act – Fundamentals

ACRA NSW formed an engineering working group to produce guidelines for regulated designs. As part of this, we have proposed standards for a performance solution; edited and clarified the Design Handbook and its requirements; and defined how to delineate between the new design and existing structures. This work is fundamental to our consultation with Government.

We have already had a win. State Government is considering a DBP Regulation amendment to incorporate loss mitigation works/localised repairs. More details will be shared as this progresses.

A big thanks to the Engineering Working group: ACOR Consulting, BAAM Consulting, RHM Consultants, Landlay, Core Consulting, Diagnostech, Top Consulting, and Helen Kowal from Swaab.

Exempt Development – Fundamental 

The spotlight of the DBP Act and unprecedented levels of governance on remedial projects have made it vitally important to explore the planning legislation and our understanding of Exempt Development. ACRA NSW is urgently working on defining what is exempt development and what requires a CDC or DA. Note, the DBP Act requirement for a performance solution may also trigger planning consent.

Exempt Development – Operational 

Our short-term focus is to produce a flowchart of how to triage current projects to ensure they are Authorised Works, followed up with education to all stakeholders on the planning process for future works. Supporting this work, ACRA NSW aims to advocate for further regulatory amendments.  

This week, ACRA NSW and Government have a roundtable to workshop these key areas.

Planning Portal – Operational

In conjunction with NSW Government, ACRA NSW has run three well-attended training sessions for remedial builders and designers/engineers on using the portal for exempt remedial works. The recordings are only available to participants. If you have missed or need a catch-up, another is scheduled for Wednesday 31st August. Register here:

Your role

Please lean in and seek out knowledge. Here’s a good place to start:

Please email me case studies, questions and anecdotes, because these are helping our conversation with Government in representing the Remedial Industry at this critical time.

-ACRA NSW State Sub Branch President

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